Cooling Towel

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  • Instant Cooling Towels are a great way to stay cool during the heat!

  • Reduces the effect of heat stress and fights fatigue to regulate your body temperature and keep you safe and cool
  • Portable cooling, does not require refrigeration
  • Soft, absorbent PVA microfiber holds water without feeling heavy
  • Activates quickly and easily: just wet for ‘Special Lock the Air’

    technology to keep towel feeling significantly cooler than ambient air

  • When wet, stays cool for hours
  • Lightweight, chemical-free
  • Reusable & washable
  • Convenient clear plastic storage case with Carabiner lid for easy attachment
  • Towel size: 31" L x 11 ¾" W
  • Perfect for around the house, on the job, during summer activities such as boating, hiking or sports